Brock Barker has consulted on many large land projects, especially under the mentorship of Bob Thibodeaux of Bob’s Tree Preservation. The combined experience of having a degree in horticulture, having visited and learned from numerous homesteads around the world, and having developed his own ten acres in South Louisiana, uniquely qualifies him to support other people in their land projects.

He serves land owning clients who are:
– New to homesteading or purchasing property
– Plateauing on own horticulture knowledge
– Siting elements: a house, garden, pond etc.
– Creating species list of native, naturalized, and useful plants
– Making long term management strategies for plant diversity

Month Long Text Thread
Do you want an experienced perspective on a small project? You can text Brock with pics and questions for a month.

Hour Phone Conversation
Are you wanting some direction on general plant management or specific site issues?

Hour Site Visit
Do you need to site important elements, manage plant diversity, identify plants and soil, and make decisions based on knowledgable observation?

Text thread consultation can begin by Venmo-ing @brock_barker forty dollars and briefly describing your project. His number and availability will be shared. Then the first text you send will start the clock on the month. 

A phone or on-site consultation can be arranged via email Please briefly describe project, share availability and contact. 


– Brock’s analysis of our land was not what we expected, but thankfully instead it was exactly what we needed to know. He saved us an incredible about of time, energy, resources, and sweat. Ultimately his overall insight was a huge relief for our circumstances. Highly recommend his services – no brainer for anyone looking to develop their land projects efficiently. – James K.

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