Life in a Garden

We are a diverse garden, growing with the intention for you to visit.

Welcome to the Patch!

Abundance characterizes our landscape at the Patch. The BrockEllie Patch is a beautiful and productive 10 acres in South Louisiana. We’ve been at it for 14 years now, and have established a beautiful space with great diversity. There are about three hundred fruit trees, productive vegetables beds, flowers, 1/3 acre pond, and hundreds of native and useful plants. We are also fans of cultivating and foraging for mushrooms. We grow a dozen or so kinds of fruit with mulberries being the big producer in the spring and persimmons in the fall. We love sharing our homestead with our community and host visitors from near and far.

Annual Mulberry Day Celebration

Mulberry’s grow prolifically in much of the world, and we have some great varieties at the Patch. In May 2022 we hosted our second annual Mulberry Day! A day to celebrate the mulberry. We invited friends over for potluck and music. We shook down trees, had a mulberry food fight, and ate mulberries in many forms: fresh, kombucha, cobbler, and ice cream.

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